The fascinating part of my work as a contemporary glass beadmaker is the "spiritual conversation" ... energetic connections. Every single bead is hiding all kinds of feelings, new beginnings, fond memories, dreams, crazy stories … a piece of the artist’s soul is captured within the bead and ...

“There is so much more, we don’t see …!” It's a real joy for me to make eyes think, ... create beads who are touching your soul.

Music & languages are the primary influences for my work. Melting glass with rhythm and sound is always very expressive. It’s awesome to work with such a stubborn material which combines steeliness and creaminess at the same time. With its filigree fragility and its unbelievable durability glass has its own melody. It’s wonderful to see the brilliant dance of glass within the flame – each step leads the bead closer to its final destination … its purpose – … you just know that everything is connected. Time moves with you and you find yourself in a place where moment and memory meet. The whole process feels like old fashioned poetry: At times glorious, sometimes discordant but always a whole.

Looking at my handmade lampwork beads is always thrilling. They don’t appear sterile nor inapproachably but lively and free… they are full of power and energy with their own charisma. I’m thankful for something mysterious I design with my hands, my eyes and my intuitive sensibility.


28th & 29th August 2010

"7th Annual Bead Fair"

The Bonded Warehouse
Stourbridge, West Midlands DY8 4 LU


Musée d’Opale-Sud
60 rue de l’Impératrice
62600 Berck-sur-Mer


"Tiny but subtle - New Jewelry made of glass" (Part II)
Glasmuseum Immenhausen . Germany

"TEMPEST" - International Invitational Glass Bead Exhibition . Stourbridge . UK
GBUK BEAD FAIR . Stourbridge . UK
PISMO Fine Art Glas Gallery "Annual Invitational" . Denver . USA
"OUT OF THE BOX - Pushing the Boundaries of the Glass Bead"
Ohio Glass Museum, Lancaster, OH . USA
Bead and Button, Milwaukee, WI . USA
Frank Bette Center for the Arts, Alameda, CA . USA
"GLASS BECOMES JEWELRY" . Galerie am Museum . Frauenau . D

"L'air et L'eau" . Musée-Atelier du Verre . Sars-Poteries . France

2005 / 2006
Museum of Applied Art . Cologne


"Creating Glass Beads" by Lark Books . USA
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"Out of the Box" . Exhibition Cataloque . USA
"Artist Spotlight" . Bead Release . USA
"L'air et L'eau" . Exhibition Cataloque . Musée-Atelier du Verre . France
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